Small Business Idear, Inc. is a licensed business consulting firm based in the Philippines managed by AWIBS Burauen Leyte a team of brilliant minds geared towards entrepreneurial and business success.

The company aims to help Filipinos in pushing for success by means of engaging in business and entrepreneurship. As a company built by Filipinos, Small Busines Idear believes that by driving local individuals towards the business and investment, the Philippines is capable of becoming one of the premiere business districts in Asia within a matter of time.

About the Author

Jovelyn TorenoJovelyn Toreno – Awarded as Top Commerce Student by the Philippine Association of Collegiate Schools and a proud Cum Laude graduate in BSC major in Management Accounting.

She’s a businesswoman by heart and experience, currently focusing in Entrepreneurial task especially in the field of Internet Marketing, BPO and  E-commerce.






Atty PortugalLegal Article Author – Atty. Abigail Azcarraga-Portugal at your service. I spent my elementary years in a small town called Burauen, in the province of Leyte, the place of my birth. I grew up under the supervision of my grandparents, who practically raised me up as a child as my own parents were struggling to provide for the family’s daily needs with their meager jobs as government employees. At early age, I learned the meaning of “responsibility”. At the age of 3, I  took care of my little brother who was two years younger than me, and learned to do my own assignments without much help. In those early years of my life, my grandpa was then a property custodian of the school where I was studying.  And so, I would wake up early to prepare for school so I can open his office before classes begin. I was practically the earliest to come to school which started at 7:00 a.m.  There were plenty of books in my grandpa’s office. And so, before the bell rings (I usually rang it being the earliest comer), I would spend my time reading those books. I believe,  this helped me a lot in my vocabulary building, a tool very much needed in the practice of law.

I graduated in a public school, the Leyte National High School, which provided a good foundation for me as well. Thereafter, being raised by my grandparents and with their foresight that I was to become a doctor of medicine, I took up nursing as a preparatory course in Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation –College of Nursing. I graduated Bachelor in Nursing (BSN) in June 1993, took the Board Exam and passed it on the same year when I took it on August 1993.

Although I was already a registered nurse in 1994, my bloodline got the better of me. I decided to take up LAW. Incidentally, my father’s side of the family is a family of lawyers. My fraternal grandpa,  was a Judge. And I have an uncle who is also a judge. One way or another, a relative of mine got involved with the course, say a cousin, an aunt or an uncle and even my parents took up and studied LAW but didn’t end up as lawyers. This may have influenced me to take up LAW and to become a lawyer myself. And I did.

In 1994, I enrolled Bachelor in Law (LLB) in the University of the East, Manila. I spent two years in Manila. Thereafter, tired of the traffic and in commuting everyday, and wasting time in traffic when I should be spending more of my time studying, I decided to transfer to the province and transferred to DVOREF College of Law, Tacloban City,  where I graduated on June 2000. I took the BAR on September, 2000 and passed it on first attempt and was included in the Roll of Attorneys on May 2001.

Even before the release of the Bar result, I applied as a paralegal in the Marbibi and Associates Law Office, which was holding its office at the Regina Bldg., Escolta Manila. And thereafter, became a Junior Associate and subsequently an Associate Partner. It was in this law firm that I gained so much, from attending hearings, the rush of deadlines, to filing of cases and so much more. We catered in criminal and civil cases, labor cases and other administrative cases such as the HLURB, COMELEC, Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Bureau of Internal Revenue (B.I.R.), as well as with appealed cases with the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and the Court of Tax Appeals, and the likes.

Needing to be independent and to succeed on my own, I decided to put up my own law office sometime in the year 2007. As started in my career, I am into GENERAL PRACTICE. I cater all sorts of cases. May it be criminal cases of rape, murder, estafa, etc. or civil cases of annulment of marriage, cases involving properties and money and special proceedings as adoption and correction of entries, family disputes, dispute resolution and the likes, as well as administrative cases filed with the HLURB, B.I.R., DOLE, NLRC, ERC,  Register of Deeds (RD), etc., and cases involving appeals with the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and the Court of Tax Appeals.  I am a litigation lawyer and at the same time have an expertise in drafting and preparation of all sorts of contracts and pleadings and I have been doing this for more than ten years of actual practice, and counting. I do best under pressure like pressure is my middle name.


DSC08947Small Business Idea’s Author – Maridel Villar Cadion is a businesswoman by experience and is currently majoring in Business Entpreneurship. She manages a small restaurant business a fashion retail boutique that caters to both online and offline customers. After achieving business success at a young age, Maridel now serves as an advisor for different non-government livelihood programs that caters to girls who show interest in becoming entrepreneurs in the future.

Maridel primarily focuses on food and fashion industries, although she has as well dabbled on other business environments such as travel and tours, and hotels. She is also into marketing, and specializes on brand reputation management and promotion.

A girl with a mind fully dedicated to achieving business success, Maridel is engaged in various business startup activities, including conceptualization, analysis, planning, pre-implementation and full implementation of entrepreneurial and investment ideas. She also has the knowledge in assessment procedures such as audit and evaluation of business plans to search for flaws and improve business operations.

Maridel is also a great believer of karma, thus she doesn’t hesitate to share her knowledge and expertise to those who share the same aspirations as hers.

Small Business Idear is the first website Maridel has established to provide quality helpful business ideas to individuals who are looking towards business and entrepreneurial success.

This site is founded by Bryan Cinco, a Internet Marketing Specialist from Philippines.


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