Cellphone loading business in the Philippines soaring high

Cellphone loading is one of the most feasible business nowadays. In the Philippines alone, there are about 72 million mobile phone users that send at least 1 billion messages daily.

In almost each and every corner you will find an E-load station. Now that people use their mobile phones and prepaid broadband connections, loading is now a basic necessity.

It is needed for services ranging from communications, internet, ticketing, bill payments and sales.

Are you interested in having what could be a passive income type of business in the cell phone loading field? With the popularity of SMS texting and cellphone loads in the Philippines, it comes as no surprise that a telecommunication companies is working with so many Filipinos in a mutually beneficial marketing business.

Why cell phone loading is a lucrative business?

·         There are 72 Million cellular phones nationwide with a population of 98 Million sending 1 billion SMS or text messages daily. Capture just 0.1% of it and you have at most 900,000 pesos worth of eload purchases!

·         Cellular phones, like any other electrical applicances, are expense-generating devices.

·         eLoading is a NECESSITY

·         Everyone has a cellphone and it means everybody is a potential customer

·         Every device needs a LOAD (cellphone / Internet / Cable TV / Telephone, and many more)

Why choose cellphone loading ?

·         FOR BUSINESS

Earn extra income for those who are working full-time/part-time, students, housewives and ideal for internet cafes and sari-sari stores for additional income. You can also earn  by simply selling over 70 popular prepaid products and other products via SMS or via Internet. Also you can start your own e-loading business with a very minimal start-up capital.


You can load yourself and family or loved ones with a discount and save, anytime and anywhere! You can tell to your family or loved ones near you so that they too can have their load without going outside of your house.

First things first…

First, you need to check if you have the necessary tools that you would need for your business.  They’re actually very basic, and most likely you already have it.

A cellular phone.  It doesn’t really matter what model it is.  Just as long as it sends SMS messages, you’re good.

A working SIM.  An existing SIM card would be ok.  It does not matter if it’s prepaid or postpaid.  As long as it’s active and not expired.

Of course, there are some other things that would make your load retailing life easir such as:

Computer with internet connection.

Smart or SUN SIM card.  For some reason, using Globe/TM SIMs in loading makes use of your text credits.  Smart or Sun do not.  But if you’re simply testing the waters and your existing sim is Globe, well, why not?  If your testing yields a positive result, you can always register another SIM!

Know your type of provider or supplier

·         Retailer sim card who comes directly from the company

·         Authorized area representative

·         Direct selling groups

eLoading business can be started by anyone anywhere. With the help of today’s technology, it is not impossible for someone to enter in this business.

Why venture in a loading business?

Phones started only with messaging and calling as its use. But as of now, with these new era of phones, mobiles are used also for internet surfing. And every messages sent or calls made always have a cost. It is an undeniable truth that the loading business is a booming industry today.

How does it work?

Basically, a person who wish to be in the loading business, should buy retailer’s sim from their wished provider and purchase a certain amount of load that will then be sold on their outlets. For every promo or load that a customer buys, the retailer will have their profit that varies on the supplier or provider.

Nowadays, a lot of provider has its unique loading systems.

Why venture for a loading business?

Everyone needs it.Mobile phones are excessively used these days, from home to work, they are used extensively. Some needs it for information dissemination, some for business, some for entertainment. But whatever the reason is, all of them will be needing the prepaid load.

Needs little time. The loading business is  not that demanding when it comes to time. You can load wherever you go as long as you carry your loading sim card on a phone with you. And you can access it 24/7.

Growing. In 2011 according to Inquirer.net, Philippines had 96 percent prepaid subscription. Imagine how much more this will grow ? Way back in 1999/2000 when mobile phones kicked off, cellular phones are only used for texts and calls but now, it can also be used for internet surfing which then needs load balance.

Promos. Due to much competition, mobile phone companies have varieties of  promos that are really worth the price that also helps encourage people to buy load balance.



The Philippines have 3 big telecommunications company namely  Smart Communications, Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular, and these three firms have been competing by giving cheap and worth it promos.

Since SMS or the short message service is the most used in the Philippines, these companies usually have promos  that has calls and texts on it. Here are some

Smart Communications

Unli Call and Text 30– Unlimited calls to Smart/Talk and Text/Sun, unlimited all-net texts plus Free Chat and Surf (up to 15 MB) for only Php30 a day.To register . text UNLI30 to 6406.

All Text 100– Unlimited all network SMS and 100 minutes of calls to Smart and TNT valid for 7 days. Text AT100 to 2827

All Text 20- Unlimited all-net texts for just P20 a day plus 15MB mobile internet Text AT20 to 2827 to register.

TRI-NET 300- Unlimited text, 300 mins of calls and 30 MB of mobile Internet for P300 valid for 30 days. Text TRINET300 to 2477

Source: http://www1.smart.com.ph/Prepaid/offers/call-text


Globe Telecom

GOUNLI30- Enjoy text to all networks, unli calls to Globe/TM and unli chat for only P30/day..

GOUNLI25- Unlimited texts and calls to Globe/TM and Viber chat  for only P25/day

GoUNLI49- Unlimited texting to Globe/ TM for 7 days for only P49. Text GOUNLITXT49 to 8888.

SUPERUNLI ALLTXT 25– Unli texts to all networks, 1 hour of mobile internet and 10 minutes of calls to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day.

UNLITXT- Unlimited text messages to Globe/TM all day and all night.

SULITXT15- For 15 pesos you have 100 text messages to Globe/TM subscriber in one day

Source: http://www.globe.com.ph/prepaid/call-and-text-offers?jsid=005AA12D37F30EA57E3C3D59987534C1.41377644309533#

Sun Cellular

  • Sun Text Unlimited 300- 30 days of unlimited Sun texts, 500 texts to other networks and 5 hours of Sun, Smart and Talk and Texts calls.
  • Sun Call and Text Combo 30- 40 minutes Sun calls, 120 Sun text, 120 texts to other networks for  only 30 PhP valid for three days.
  •  1 day unlimited Sun- to-Sun texts with FREE 5 minutes of Sun-to- Sun with free 5 minutes of Sun-to-sun  calls. Text WIN10 to 247.
  • 2 days Unlimited Sun-to- Sun texts w/ Free 20 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls. Text TU20 send to 247.
  • 7 days Unlimited Sun-to-Sun texts w/ free 1 hour Sun- to-Sun calls, text TU50 to 247.
  • 30 days Unlimite Sun- to Sun Texts w/ free 4 hours of Sun-to-Sun calls text TU 150 send to 247


Source: http://www.suncellular.com.ph/prepaid_news12.php

Maridel Cadion About Maridel Cadion
Maridel Villar Cadion is a businesswoman by experience and is currently majoring in Business Entpreneurship.

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  • Yen

    Start your own loading business! Be part of our team and we will guide you through the loading business under 1Bro in partnership with Load central. You may contact us at 09237279695

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