Hot Small Business Ideas in Manila this 2013

This in connection with the email of Mr. Mell Abiendo:

Hi Ms. Maridel,

Iv’e just read your articles on SMALL BUSINESS IDEAR and it is very informative.

Actually my group of people or we call it a small cooperative we’re planning in the near future to have a small business in the Philippines. We are a group of OFW here in Saudi Arabia.

I just want to have an idea which business is good right now particularly in Metro Manila areas. I’m thinking of a franchising business but don’t know yet in which field. What do you think of franchising right now?

Thanks and God bless.

Sincerely yours,


The second half of the year has just started, and it’s the best time to assess which small business ideas have been making waves in 2013. This year we have seen a return to the basics, although a few business ideas in the IT sector have likewise emerged.

To check out the hottest small business ideas that you can do in Manila today, then here is a list:

1. Rice retailer business.

Rice is always a hot commodity, as it is the staple food of the Filipino household. Indeed, rice can be purchased in the neighborhood sari-sari store, but selling it through direct retail can also be profitable. It is also easier to manage the inventory because you only have one product at hand.

When putting up a rice retailer business, it is important to find a good supplier; there are rice millers who offer wholesale orders for retail stores and you can check out what options they provide. Their rice products should be of good quality though, the kind that’s always fresh and doesn’t easily spoil.

2. Desktop publishing.

Desktop publishing is one of the most lucrative businesses these days, and you can earn satisfying profits regardless if your location. This is because this kind of service is sought by a big market, consisting mainly of students and employees.

Desktop publishing covers services such as printing, copying, scanning, typing and encoding. You can actually offer this group of services even if you do not have an internet shop, so long as you have a computer and a 3-in-1 printer (printer, copier, and scanner). You can set up a small stall in areas near schools, or even use an empty space in your house as your neighbors would find it convenient to go to your place for such services rather than going downtown.

Apart from hardware, your core investment in desktop publishing would be ink and paper supplies, as most of your services would include printing of documents such as projects, theses and term papers.

3. Food carts.

Food carts also gained high popularity this year, thanks to the new innovative food ideas set up by genius entrepreneurs. Food carts are also easy to manage because you are catering to a take-out market, in contrast to dine-in restaurants.

When setting up a food cart business, you go for any of these products: cooked meals (ulam and kanin), street food, or franchised products. Street food is highly popular as they are cheap but very yummy merienda treats that appeal to all markets. Cooked meals meanwhile are more geared towards students and employees, especially during lunch time. You can set up a small stall behind office establishments and offer packed lunches that they can bring to their own workstations rather than eat in a canteen.

When it comes to franchising a food cart, you may want to look the latest food cart brands and their products first, as it requires a relatively bigger financial investment to start one. Some food cart franchises offer training seminars to interested entrepreneurs so that they’d get a firsthand experience on the business itself.

These are only a few of the businesses that have made a mark in Manila this year. Perhaps it’s high time to try them out and enjoy the perks they offer. But of course, don’t forget to add your own twist-this make the business venture truly your own.

Maridel Cadion About Maridel Cadion
Maridel Villar Cadion is a businesswoman by experience and is currently majoring in Business Entpreneurship.

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