How can a Small Business be innovative?

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Nowadays, millions of people venture themselves to different kinds of businesses- small scale to medium scale or large scale business. But when venturing to a certain kind of business, you must take into consideration on asking yourself first if what kind of business you are interested with.

Entrepreneurship is not just a simple task, you as an entrepreneur must be ready to various challenges you’ll be meeting along the way- while setting up the chosen business up to the stage wherein you are already managing it.

Upon deciding on the type of business you’ll go into, there were different possibilities or factors you might as well consider.

• Capital – When you set up a business capital is the first priority you must consider. Take note, the kind of business you’ll build depends upon the amount you’ll gamble. If you don’t have that ample amount of money, you can start a small scale business which only requires a lesser amount.

• Knowledge – Another factor in which you might consider is the knowledge you have on the kind of business you’d like build. You must have enough knowledge on your business and how to run it since the growth of it will definitely depends on you.

• Passion – This factor is a considerable one. You may have enough knowledge on running a business but if you don’t have the passion towards it, it won’t still work and progress.

• Competition – A business world is a big one. This era, it happens that the competition between businesses were like big fish to big fish- the bigger or larger the business you have the powerful you’ll be. But if you have the knowledge, passion, and perseverance in you then you must not be afraid to compete with them. It’s not about how big or small your business is it’s on how you manage it.

One of the most sought after business these days is the so-called Multi-level Marketing or Network Marketing business.

What is a Multi-level Marketing business?

As it was said, Multi-level Marketing business (MLM) which is also known as network marketing is a marketing strategy in which members or network marketers earned through selling the company’s goods. There were companies who engaged to MLM but have different strategies in order to entice people to be part of the company.

In this line of industry in which different companies big and small had been popping out, people who want to join sometimes worry if they’ll be able to succeed.

Vincent J. Kellsey, director of member services for the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance shared some tips on how one can become a successful networker.

Choose wisely

When selecting a business partner or company to be with consider the following six key elements.

1. Stability. How old is the company?
2. Products and Services. Are they excellent enough that consumers will use and need of?
3. Pay Plan. How much the distributor can get each month? How fair is the distribution of the money between the old and new members?
4. Integrity of the company. Have they been successful in other companies in the industry? Do they have a good reputation?
5. Momentum and Timing. What’s going on with the company is it growing?
6. Support, training, and business systems. Does the company have a system in place that works?

Practice what they teach

As a distributor, you should be willing to listen and learn from mentors. And by following the system being taught, this way you can follow the steps how your mentor did in order to become successful and as for you to succeed.

The higher-ups

This is what they call the “upline” or the people above you. Are they supportive to you? Do they help you in putting up a plan in place? In your case, you should be able to relate or call them whenever you need a help and supports you towards your success.

Take up the lead with your downline

As an upline or a distributor, whenever a new member comes in you should be able to assist him/her until he/she will be able to feel comfortable to go off on their own. You might as well take some time to spend with the new person to teach and train and support.

On the net

One of the greatest key to success in this industry is to follow-up. There were times when people call you up and say they’re interested either to join or buy your products, it is a good thing that you should follow them up. One way to do that is through internet, especially in this era where social media is the most used tool.

Taking care of business

As an entrepreneur, it is very wise for you to know the things you’ll consider even before starting up the business, taxes specifically. It includes on how your business affect your write-offs.

Don’t quit your day job…yet

Being in the network marketing business, others who consider it as a part-time job might as well take some time to think before leaving their full-time position unless they are certain that their networking company is as stable as it is supposed to be.

Whatever business you build or considered, take note that it is in your hands that this chosen field of yours will be innovative and progressive. However, you can consider these three important keys.

• It’s good to aim higher, but focus first on what you have right now and work on it.

• Live your business with excitement. Always consider new techniques and ideas.

• Always have a plan B.

Remember, you can only be visible if you yourself are credible enough.

Maridel Cadion About Maridel Cadion
Maridel Villar Cadion is a businesswoman by experience and is currently majoring in Business Entpreneurship.

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