How to Strike a Pose like a Celeb for a 360 Selfie

360 Selfie is the newest game changer for the event photobooths and videobooths. A great idea materialized by 360 Selfie Philippines, this interactive videobooth is what the celebs were lining up for during the recently held Star Magic Ball 2017. Seeing the 360 Selfie videos on social media makes you want to have one for yourself when you encounter this videobooth. So, here are some guidelines that we got from the celebs that took the stage and posed flawlessly.

  1. Dynamics

Based on their website, the 360 Selfie booth can accommodate up to 4 people so it would be to your advantage to create a little dynamic for the shot. Unlike the usual photobooth where you just position yourselves to be visible for the shot, the videobooth requires a little bit of creative thinking.

For 2-4 people, position yourselves on the 360 Selfie booth well enough for each person to have a great segment for the moment. This way, all of you can really stand out and shine. Just like how Thou Reyes, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, and Pamu Pamorada made such an awesome, fun, and dynamic 360 Selfie!

If you’re standing alone, be sure to move smoothly as it can affect the overall quality of the resulting video. You may strike a pose and keep it until the session is over or interact with the camera, moving along while the camera takes your shot. You can definitely get creative for this one, just like how comedian Kitkat did hers. She definitely got a kick out of her 360 Star Magic Ball experience. Check out her session below.



  1. Less is more

Though the camera revolves around a big circle, a typical 360 Selfie would last between 8-12 seconds, depending on how the event wanted each video to look and feel once it’s done. To make the most of the short time period, decide on 1-3 moves you can do on the center stage. This way, you can really project to the highest level and not feel rushed. Sometimes, just doing a few things perfectly would suffice. Just take a look at Piolo Pascual’s 360 Seflie at the Star Magic Ball 2017. Simple and perfect!

360 selfie @piolo_pascual #StarMagicBall2017

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  1. Have fun!

Fierce or wacky, your 360 Selfie should always be fun. Even the sweetest moment doesn’t have to be too uptight or serious. Just check out Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia’s moment at the interactive videobooth. You’ll definitely be smiling with excitement watching it, over and over again.

Thank you 360Selfie for this wonderful videos! Do check out their Facebook Page!

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The 360 Selfie booth is definitely one for the selfie books and we hope it stays (for good!). Now, go get that mirror and practice!

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