Lucky Small Business Ideas for OFW and Young Entrepreneurs

We are still in the mid of 2016 but the business buzz is still up on high. Day in and day out, we find mini-success stories of entrepreneurs who made something literally out of scratch.

There are also those overseas Filipino workers (OFW) that have outgrown their stay abroad and have decided to come back and start being their own bosses. There are also some millennials and young business minded people that want to start making a pretty buck and be stable even before they retire. And you can have a lot of ideas to what business to start with, when to put it up, where to start selling and who are you selling the, to but you got to focus on the big ticket items. Though not as big as the million dollar ideas of Trump, Branson and what have you, this list of ideas could help you struck gold!

Vector Cupcake Truck

1. Food Extravaganza

People will never stop eating food. Even with those diets and health conscious drive around, people would almost always find a reason to eat something hearty and delicious so why not capitalize on that?

If you have got the gradma’s award-winning recipe of cherry pie in your arsenal, or perhaps the well kept family secret recipe of your mom’s humba, why not whip it out and start selling them like hot cakes. If there are some goodies/treats/delicacies that  you have mastered making, you can also sell them too as your signature product. Desserts will always be in as people connect them to comfort. You can find more sugar in most of them actually. Start small by getting yourself your very own food cart (or a food truck!) and a social media account to direct people to and slowly grow it. If you’re able to grab the taste buds of the people, then you also got their pockets.

You could also hire someone to make a good converting video (created by SEO Specialists) that can catch and convert the attention of potential customers into sales.


2. Internet Marketing Authority

Internet marketing has opened a lot of doors for people to become famous, brand-wise, and are being sought after for their ability to turn something no one knew into a thing that everyone is talking about online. This one is especially great for hypercreative, resourceful millenials.

The thing is, though it has a high potential for profit and what not, getting the right people on board will make or break the first few months of operations. You would need to create a website for it so a web developer is a must. You would also need writers, graphic designers and such. But once you have all the pieces together, everything will just flow as smooth as silk.


3. Online Business Agenda

E-commerce is the newest way to sell something. A lot of entrepreneurs, OFW and young alike, are turning to the internet to sell something – clothes, food, accessories, services and what have you. The key points of this venture are uniqueness, reliability, and quality. All three go hand in hand in solidifying your image an online business.

It’s hard going into a business that already has a saturated market. Though it can still be good because of the huge number of eyes browsing through it, having numerous competition of already trusted entities could be a tough challenge. With your unique factor, you could be the new “it girl” with the kind of product you are selling that is not the crowd’s usual find. Once you get your first few customers, reliability and quality kicks in because it is what’s going to keep them coming back for more. If you are unable to answer inquiries on a timely manner and if your products do not hold on to the promise they made, your trust factor would lower. If they all turn out great and beyond, customers will start pouring in.


4. Buy and Sell

This idea is not relatively new but it still works specially for people who are first-time business owners because it has proven itself through time. The idea revolves around you shortening the gap between a product/brand and the consumer. For example, you already have an idea of how big the market is for a certain cosmetics, say 4 out of 5. The thing is that the product is only sold in a mall of another city. Buying/ordering it online proves to be expensive for just one product. This is where you come in. With a sufficient capital, you travel to the supplier, buy stocks and return back and sell them to the market at an appropriate mark-up. The process then repeats itself as you widen the products you buy and sell.


5. Home-based Goodies

In the span of months, more homes are slowly being converted into business headquarters as OFW mothers and millenials find comfort in handling their business in the comforts of their own homes. The great thing here is that you are at home –  simple as that.

You could search social media and be overwhelmed at how many home-based goodies are sold every day with orders upon orders selling out like hotcakes. A good side of this venture is that you start small and your cost for production space and tools are cut out because you mostly have them in your kitchen. You can even create your own website when you already have a huge consumer line-up.

A website is a great way to capture a lot of potential clients since it’s bigger and more comprehensive. Plus, it looks better on the eyes. Check out SEO Specialist and have your very own website for only P14,999 that covers 5 – 7 web pages.

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6. Fashion Mogul

Unless someone invents a technology that could just change color, size, print, cut and what not with just a push of a button, clothes will always be a necessity. Born as such, Filipinos have a tendency of gravitating to vintage stuff – even clothes. Yes, I am talking about ukay-ukay. As hard as you deny it, even if you say I have never done that before, chances are, it’s still going happen. The joy of finding such a beautiful, and seriously one-of-a-kind, piece of clothing after hours of searching through hangers is bliss. It’s like finding out there’s still a piece of cake left after a long line of dessert goers.  And you can capitalize on that.

Start by looking through your old stuff – you know, the dress you bought 2 years ago that had a hefty price tag but never wore it, even once and is not going to fit you because your fashion sense evolve? Chances are, there could be someone out there looking for that dress. This way, you can earn a buck, clean out your closet and give a dress a new purpose in life.

Once you’ve gained a huge following, it’s time to start ordering your very own line.


7. Shops Galore

Shops – coffee shops, desserts shops, internet shops, so on and so forth – will never go out of style or business. As long as there is but a space you can sell something, somewhere, shops will always be around.

Check out your neighborhood and see what people always wanted to have close by or what’s missing.  Is there a bakery within reach? Or even a snack stand? Or perhaps a salon or a boutique? The ideas are endless.

So what are you waiting for? Easy right? Be your own boss and start earning a really pretty peso.

Remember, great things come from small packages.

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Maridel Cadion About Maridel Cadion
Maridel Villar Cadion is a businesswoman by experience and is currently majoring in Business Entpreneurship.


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