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Small Business Idear (SBI) Inc. is a free portal that provides legal consultation, business ideas, manuals, reviews, planning, and industry analysis. It also offers how-to tutorials for lucrative small business start-ups, home business guides, and international business guides for Filipinos to enjoy. Behind Small Business Idear is a competent new age Lawyer and Business Consultant in the Philippines who engages in multi-category businesses and legal advice, such as Employment, Real Estate, Finance, Technology, Hotels & Resorts, Local Resources, Marketing Business and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

SBI Inc. has four (4) different categories, including:

Home Business - This section is dedicated to stay-at-home individuals, including housewives and unemployed parents who are looking for ways to earn money and establish self-employment right at the comforts of their own homes. Among the topics discussed in this category are mini business ideas, stay-at-home jobs, and other activities in which they can earn sustainable income without relying on a boss.

Business Opportunities -This section covers the latest trends in the world of business. Business and industry news, trending topics for start-up companies and the most recent events among small and medium enterprise communities are tackled, as well as new ideas on how to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Small Business Ideas -This category contains small business topics and ideas, how-to’s and other relevant tips and advice that can be used by aspiring entrepreneurs as they venture into the world of business.

Business Plan -For entrepreneurs who are ready to lay down their business ideas on paper, as well as those who are looking for templates for business plans and proposals that they wish to execute anytime soon.

Ways to boost your small business is the Philippines

The term small business is a bit of a misnomer as definition of small business can vary from country to country. However, the fact remains that 96% – 98% of all new businesses registered worldwide are in fact small businesses. This means that small businesses play a key role in  [ Read More ]


Business Monitoring Ideas: Workplace Covert Monitoring

The stats show that there hardly very few employees, whether it’s government sector or private, who are passionate and love what they are assigned. Majority fails to develop interest and enthusiasm needed for performing a certain job. We have conducted a thorough research on the employees, organized interviews, collected data  [ Read More ]


The road to financial independence may be long and tough, but there are actually two proven ways to get there. Launching a business is one. With this choice, you might need to invest time to manage the daily operations. At the same time, you need to have sufficient funds for  [ Read More ]


How to Outsource Employees from the Philippines?

The featured image isn’t just about the cover, it’s more about the quality. When it comes to employee outsourcing, several factors influence the decisions and selection process. The country from where the employees will be outsourced, the nature of business and skills required the number of people to be hired  [ Read More ]


10 Financial Resolutions to Help You Save Money this 2016

What can you say about your financial state last 2015? The answer to this question can help you get an overview of what you want to achieve financially this 2016 based on actual personal instances and figures. Did you hit your savings goals? Did you decrease your credit card debt or  [ Read More ]


If you are one of those people who have never tried applying for a salary loan before or may be hesitant to do so due to the stories you hear from other people then this article might be very useful to you. Today we discuss the 10 things that you  [ Read More ]


An insurance is one of the best ways to secure yourself against life’s uncertainties. You never know when you might get into an accident or have a sickness that’ll cost you 6 figure bills. In the Philippines, life and health insurance are two of the most common insurances people get.  [ Read More ]


McKinley West in Bonifacio Global City is rising to be the epitome of classy urban living in the Philippines today. Situated just at the mid-eastern end of Metropolitan Manila, McKinley West has emerged as a home of comfort and convenience for everyone from all walks of life. But why exactly  [ Read More ]


The IT business is continuously flourishing, and with the growing industry trends these days, there seems to be no more room for expansion that can be found in Silicon Valley, the world’s premier mecca for information technology. With that said, the best way to go is to explore the great  [ Read More ]


Top Easy Small Business Ideas in the Philippines

Starting a small business is one of the best ways to leverage your finances especially these days. Regardless if you’re single or raising a family, a small business on the side can help max out your financial capacities and prepare you for a more comfortable living in the near future.  [ Read More ]


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