Why Drinking at Work Could Ruin Your Business

We are a nation of alcohol lovers: according to the most recent statistics, Filipinos are the second highest consumers of alcohol in South East Asia, and the third heaviest drinking population in the world with five million Filipinos consuming alcohol on a regular basis.  As the country continues to adopt a more western approach to alcohol, and the consumption of alcohol is promoted in the wider media and presented as something desirable, we are also seeing the associated problems with excessive alcohol consumption impact on more and more people, and this is affecting many people not only in their private lives but also within their businesses.

Alcohol abuse is on the rise in the Philippines, with the number of individuals seeking treatment and support for alcoholism increasing year on year: with so many Filipinos owning and running their own businesses, it’s clear to see that this could lead to a crisis across our industry.

Dangerous To Yourself and To Others

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The impact this can have in the workplace, particularly if you own and run your own business, is catastrophic. Not only will drinking on the job, or feeling the after effects of drinking on the job, affect your own work place performance, it will also ultimately impact on your business revenue and could even pose a health and safety risk to yourself, your staff, your customers and everyone else around you. This is particularly true if you work in an industrial setting or in a people focused industry. Alcohol can cause impairment to your coordination, the speed of your reflexes and can also affect your judgement. This means that under the influence of alcohol you are much more likely to drop things, fail to react appropriately, and you could even make bad business decisions that could cost you money, or even your company. You may well drink so frequently that you are not even aware of the impairment that your alcohol consumption is causing, but you can be sure that your customers will notice and other time you will see your custom levels decline as a result of the decisions you make whilst you’re under the influence.

The fact is that the number of functioning alcoholics in the country is on the rise, and whilst there are no exact figures currently available, we know that 75% of alcoholics living in the United States also hold down their regular jobs, meaning that there are likely to be millions of individuals under the influence of alcohol in their workplaces across the country right now. There are a myriad of ways this alcohol consumption at work will affect workplace performance and productivity with:

  • tardiness,
  • sleeping on the job,
  • low morale,
  • theft,
  • poor decision making, and
  • lack of efficiency all cited as being the effects of having an alcoholic within your workplace. If you are aware that you are drinking too much at work or before arriving at work, or that a colleague or employee is drinking too much at work or before arriving at work, and that that is impacting on their workplace performance then it is time to seek help before it’s too late.

Help is Available

Drinking Alcohol in the Philippines

Work can be an important place to address alcoholism, and the severity of the risk of losing their employment, their livelihood or their business may well provide a significant enough potential consequence that the alcoholic individual is prepared to seek help and support and change their lives. Help and support is available. The Philippines chapter of Alcoholic Anonymous is very active, and with no fees or membership required, this is a very cost effective form of support. Alternatively, if you feel you need more medical intervention then why not approach your physician who will be able to make recommendations of additional support, and could refer you to a rehabilitation facility, or a detoxification service that could help you to rid yourself of your alcoholism and begin to focus on your business endeavours once more. Alcohol in the workplace can be truly dangerous, and the sooner you wipe it from your own workplace, the better.

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